Top 4 Reasons to Go Organic

organic food

organic foodOrganic food isn’t only for those who are on a diet or those who want to cook delicious food. It’s for everyone who wants to live healthy. Organic processes preserve the quality of farmlands, allowing crops to grow naturally. Due to different health risks that are present today, many choose it as a healthier alternative. If you’re still in doubt, here are the top four reasons to go organic:

Fewer Chemicals

Pesticide is a type of poison used to kill pests, so why have it in your food? By going organic, you do away with all the harmful chemicals found in commercially grown food from entering the body. The fewer the chemicals, the better it is for your system. If you want a fresh fruit basket delivery, for instance, how sure are you that it’s indeed fresh?

More Nutrients

Organic food has more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as farmers use soil that meets specific agricultural standards. Despite the lack of chemicals, they make sure that the crops grow without infestations. In fact, organically grown fruits and vegetables are richer in Vitamin C by 27%, iron by 21.1%, magnesium by 29.3%, and phosphorus by 13.6%. These also make food taste better, because the nutrients stay in the crops as they grow.

Save the Environment

Eating organic food is the same as supporting the preservation of soil and water. You’ll help keep the farmlands healthy, so future generations can enjoy chemical-free crops. The ecosystem will also continue its cycle, as the organisms that feed other wildlife won’t be scarce.


Genetically engineered (GE) food and genetically modified organisms (GMO)can contaminate food. Most of these are in canned and processed food materials found in supermarkets. Many people today don’t have time to prepare food from scratch, so they buy everything. What most of them don’t know is the ingredients could have elements that are 80% lab-produced.

Whether you’re ordering from supermarkets or a farm that offers fruit or vegetable delivery, it’s better to buy organic. It’s the healthier choice for you and your family.


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