Travelling 101: Home Security Tips while on Vacation

Posted on Feb 6 2014 - 3:30am by Cathy Brunetti

travel insuranceTravelling should be fun. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything when you go on holiday, but a lot of Australian travellers experience difficulty each year. Most travellers encounter transport delays or cancellations, while others lose their luggage or get sick. QBE travel insurance provides cover at an affordable price.

A reliable QBE travel insurance helps you manage whatever emergency situation you’re in. QBE answers your queries and handles your claims wherever you are. It offers quotes for travel insurance, as well as the option of sending a form or claiming insurance online.

If you want to secure travel insurance at discounted rates, look for a trusted web-based agent like Travel Insurance Saver or you may check Qantas’ official website, as you may also purchase travel insurance with points. This applies to the airline’s frequent flyers.

With QBE travel insurance, you can be sure to have a safe and relaxing vacation, but how about your home? How can you keep it safe while you’re away? Below are some tips:

Don’t Post Your Travel Movements Online

Advertising the fact that you’re out on an extended vacation can attract people with ill-intentions to pay your house a visit while you’re away.

Make Sure Your Home is Secure

Before you pack your bags, check if the windows and doors are locked firmly. As a first line of defence, it’s also important to lock gates and fences.

Secure Your Valuables

Hide valuables like jewellery and other important gadgets in a safe box. You may also ask a trusted friend to take care of these items while you’re away. Robbers usually check bins as part of the stakeout process, so make sure not to dispose boxes or other items that’ll give away what’s inside your house.

Make Copies of all Important Documents

Before going on holiday, make sure all insurance documents are up to date. Make them easily accessible, so if you’re an unfortunate victim of theft, fire or another misfortune, at least you can get help right away. You can scan those documents and email all these items to yourself.

Aside from securing QBE travel insurance in Australia, you should also keep your home safe. Keep these simple tips in mind and have a memorable journey.