Truths are Not That Bitter: Debunking Coffee Myths

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 7:14am by Cathy Brunetti

The world around you seems to change. After the first sip of this hot beverage, you notice that the color of the begonias on your kitchen’s windowsill and the sunlight illuminating the room becomes more vivid. A cup of this dark and aromatic drink is now starting to take away your sleepiness.

A cup of coffee gives you a head start every morning. It boosts your senses as you type away on the computer keyboards at work, and it simply helps you relax. Despite these benefits, there are still myths that try to make the reputation of this world’s most-loved drink bleak and bitter. Before you attempt to stop taking your daily cup or put your espresso grinder away, take a look at the three most common coffee myths and the truths that counter them.

Coffee Affects Height in a Bad Way

When you were younger, your mom might have warned you that if you drink too much coffee, you would never make it to the NBA. This was because they used to say and believe that impedes growth. Contributing considerations to this belief were early studies creating a connection between reduced one mass or osteoporosis and caffeine. The dilemma with these findings is that researchers conducted the tests on elderlies who had diets with inadequate calcium. One study claims that there is no truth to these earlier propositions.

Coffee Causes Cancers

Of all the myths about coffee, this is perhaps the falsest one. In fact, drinking one to three cups of coffee each day is associated with at least a 30 percent decline of such risk. This is because of the antioxidants that reduce inflammation that is a primary factor influencing cancer.

Coffee Cause Certain Heart Diseases

Many patients with cardiac problems are advised not to drink coffee, but contrary to this belief, there is no accurate and reliable evidence that coffee can increase such risks. Research finds that those who drink one to three cups of coffee a day actually reduce cardiovascular disorders.

Coffee may be bitter, but certain myths around it are not. Make sure that with each coffee myth you hear, there is also a scientific basis. As for now, enjoy your hot cup of coffee. Make it better by getting yourself an espresso grinder from providers like WhatsupWheaton.