Unleashing the Power of Flower on Your Lawn

Front door walkway flower garden

Flowers are colorful, vibrant, and fresh. They can add curb appeal to your front yard. Make your dwelling more inviting and brighten up your entryway by growing flowers on your lawn. You can also hire professionals that do lawn care in Virginia Beach to get the most out of the flowers. Read on to get more ideas on how to use these blooms to improve your front yard.

Front door walkway flower gardenShrink Your Turf

A flower garden breaks up your front lawn to little areas efficiently. This creates a lot of interest and lets you have more small spaces to design. Make the most of it by growing lots of flowers that attract butterflies and birds.

Curvy Flower Garden

Create a curving walkway by using flowers to give your front yard more visual impact. Curves and flowers combine to add a punch of interest and color that’s perfect for all four seasons. Use different types of flowers to add more texture, color, and fragrance.

Repeat Effectively

Garden designers use repetition as a trick to create cohesiveness and balance. Repeat certain colors and flowers to make your lawn stand out. This technique can draw anyone’s attention along the front or walkway of your home.

Use Edible Plants

Apart from flowers, incorporating herbs and vegetables can bring a refreshing twist to your lawn. Placing home grown vegetables alongside your flowers help attract pollinators for additional harvests.

Go for a Cottage Garden

A cottage garden looks great with most home styles. It can work to help you start a flower-filled front yard. Use romantic flowers such as peonies, hydrangeas, and roses to add drama to the place.

Create Privacy

Create an illusion by planting taller varieties near the sidewalk. This produces a sense of privacy that makes visitors and passersby peek through without having a completely clear view. Airy plants are perfect for this purpose.

Flowers will surely make your lawn stand out and be more attractive. Also, they won’t add much to your lawn care routine. Freshen up after a long day by appreciating the view of your own flower garden.