Visibility and Relevance: Basic SEO Strategies You Should Never Forget

Utilise Social Media

Utilise Social MediaSearch engines today have become smarter and will continue to get better, so marketers should significantly up their game if they want to increase the marketability of their brand. According to a report in 2012, 70% of the clicked links are from SEO, which reveals that most of what search users get online is good, organic advertising.

So how does your company achieve this? Here are some simple things to remember:

Make Your Content Relevant

Gone are the days when a spam of meaningless keywords will do much for your overall search ranking. According to, a trusted SEO company in Perth, relevant and meaningful content is now at the forefront of evaluation. This increases your chances of earning links from frequently visited websites where more people are likely to see and share your brand. That’s what makes editorial links a good SEO strategy, because earning mentions in a high-quality blog with outstanding content effectively promotes your company.

Another strategy is known as broken-link building method. Search for a broken link on a site and alert publishers of this error. By proposing to replace the current content with your own, you’re helping the publishers fix broken links. However, this will only happen if your content is relevant and as good as, or better than the original content.

Utilise Social Media

Since SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand, the influence of social media is irrefutable when it comes to boosting SEO. A brand that has a million likes on Facebook, for example, is likelier to rank higher than a company that only has 1000 followers on Twitter. Use social media by getting a decent number of followers while also keeping in mind that Google is smart. It can detect if your followers are mere proxy accounts as opposed to real accounts, which will not do much for your ranking.

Get Citations

Getting citations is like getting help from other websites. If your services are included, for example, in the list of “Top Ten Seafood restaurants in Brisbane”, then it will significantly increase exposure and potential sales. To get citation, contact the publisher of the website and always be ready to provide reasons that your product should be included, and a summary of your company.

Ultimately, it boils down to knowing how to market your brand as organically and effectively as possible, the keyword being “organic.” Never come across forced. Appear in related websites and blogs and let the readers arrive at the conclusion that your product is the best.