Water Recycling Trending Among Oil And Gas Drillers

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 9:05am by Cathy Brunetti

Oil drillers in Texas were never worried about water stocks depleting. However, when the rains stopped falling in the region, the grass started yellowing in the prairies and parched soil cracked up, the drillers knitted their eyebrows over a decrease in the cheap, plentiful water resources they always had easy access to in the land they prized for its vast petroleum swells.

worker looks over tanksRecycling – The New Way to Counter Water Shortage

The draught that seemed to threaten their oil drilling systems had to be countered and the drillers realized that the best way to do so would be by recycling the huge amounts of high-pressure, chemical-laced water they used to free oil and natural gas trapped underground, albeit using techniques they eyed with suspicion not long ago.

Paul Schlosberg, the co-founder and chief financial officer of Water Rescue Services commented that this was a ‘drastic change’ in the practices followed by the oil companies for many years and added that water is no more a taken for granted resource in the industry.