What Clothing Should You Buy for Your Little Tot?

Buying clothes for your little one can be difficult for many parents. Babies have delicate skin, so anything can irritate and make them feel uncomfortable. This is why you need to be careful when shopping for baby products

What Features Should You Check Before Buying?

    1. The Seams – These should be smooth and flat to avoid skin irritation. Reverse the clothes and use your fingers to check if something pokes or scratches.

    2. Elasticity – Check the arm, leg, neck, and waist area. Stretch these parts to be sure that it’s not too tight. This way, you can avoid rashes and allergies, promote proper circulation, and make your baby feel comfortable.

    3. Materials – Choose simple baby boy clothes. Clothing materials, such as metal zippers, appliques, and snaps can irritate the skin, especially when worn for a long period.

    4. Choking Hazards – Never buy baby clothes online that have small design materials, such as buttons and sequins. These can be dangerous because most babies like to put everything inside their mouth.

What Fabric Should You Buy?

    1. Cotton – This soft and absorbent material is gentle on the baby’s skin. It has organic versions available in the market. It will shrink up to 10% after the first wash and dry cycle.

    2. Cotton – Polyester Blend – This material dries quickly, so it’s easy to maintain. It doesn’t wrinkle or shrink after a wash and dry. It’s more affordable than clothes made of 100% natural fibre.

    3. Cotton – Spandex Blend –This provides the best comfort, as it moves along with your baby. It’s stretchable material is usually found in tights and baby legwarmers. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

    4. Fleece – This warm and fuzzy material is good for baby’s outerwear. It serves as a layer of clothing when the season changes. It dries quickly and has moisture-wicking features that take moisture away from the skin.

    5. Bamboo – This all-natural fabric regulates the baby’s body temperature. It’s ideal for layering because of its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties.

Choose quality and comfort over design when buying baby clothing. Look for reliable shops for a wide selection of safe and high quality baby products.