What You Need to Run a Delivery Business

Delivery man with a truck in the backgroundA delivery business may be one of the simplest types of businesses you can set up — that is, of course, if you start small. For example, if you start with a bicycle and take food orders from office workers, you can do your job without a lot of requirements.

When you start a delivery business beyond a couple of bicycles, however, that’s when you need a lot more preparation. Here are some of the things you need for your new delivery business:

A vehicle or a fleet of vehicles

Delivery businesses are lucrative because they’re considerably versatile. You can deliver goods for different types of clients. The type of vehicle you have may dictate what kind of goods you can deliver. For example, if you have a car, you can deliver smaller packages that fit in the trunk. If you have a van, you can take on more deliveries because of the larger space. A fleet of trucks is perhaps the most lucrative, as you can deliver practically anything and for longer distances.

Decide on the type of delivery business you want to operate, and your choice of vehicle will follow.

The right equipment

You can’t jury-rig everything when you’re a professional, so invest in the right materials and equipment to help you with your job. For example, you may need straps to enable your employees to carry heavy loads safely. For stacks or boxes of goods in your van or truck, you need pallets, shrink wrap, composite cord strap kits, bubble wrap, packaging tape and the like, so your loads always arrive in one piece.


Apart from insuring your business, your vehicles, and your employees, talk to your insurance agent about covering your business in case of damage or loss of your clients’ goods or pos