Why Men Choose Diamond Engagement Rings for their Fiancée

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 6:49am by Trina Padovano

Diamond Engagement RingThe practice of offering diamond engagement rings by men to their betrothed goes way far back to the time of ancient Egyptians. Today, the reason may be more than just romantic, it is also practical.

You may have witnessed at some point in your life a man kneeling on one knee offering a diamond engagement ring while proposing marriage to his beloved. You may have done the same thing or a recipient of such. But have you ever wondered where this tradition originated or what circumstances brought about such offering?

The Past

The tradition of the giving of engagement rings began during the time of ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Due to lack of historical basis regarding such assertion, historians settled for a well-documented history of ancient Rome, where it was established that indeed men offer a ring while proposing marriage. It was not until the Middle Ages, when an Austrian duke commissioned somebody and had a diamond ring crafted for his fiancée, that the practice of offering diamond engagement rings started.

The Diamond

Today, the reasons may be both romantic and practical. The diamond engagement ring, which has been the symbol of undying devotion of a man to his fiancée could also help them establish a better future. Imagine a situation where you and your spouse are about to start a business and your funds are lacking a bit. There may be a need to seek loans from external sources. Under this circumstance, you should consider looking for diamond jewelry and loan companies, such as Hull Loan System, that can lend you money to help fund your proposed business with your engagement ring as collateral.

A Testament of Unity

Once your business is set up and is gradually becoming financially stable, you can repay the loan that you made and redeem the diamond engagement used as collateral. In a way, the diamond engagement ring not only symbolizes an undying love, but also became a testament of unity in the goal of the couple for a better life.

Tradition and science have established that diamonds really are forever. Since they can last a lifetime, they have become symbols of undying love. In fact, there may be no other perfect example of an undying and pure love than a diamond engagement ring. More than this, it can also help build a better financial future for the couple.