Why You Would Find Sea Container Homes Awesome

Sea Container Homes

Sea Container HomesMost homes in Perth come built with wood or concrete, but for a unique home, the idea of using sea containers are quite attractive and novel. These boxy metal figures that range from 10ft to 40ft long are common in freight companies, using them transport different materials by sea.

Most people never think of using them as the main frames in building their dream homes. This idea may raise an eyebrow but the use of these sturdy metal boxes is now taking over the architectural world.

Integrated Container Logistics cites a few reasons these materials are great for building anything from tiny to massive homes:


Instead of buying new construction materials, recycling old shipping containers left abandoned and stacked in most freight companies are at the core of sea container homes. Though old, these metal boxes are durable, which makes them suitable construction materials.

Helps Save Energy

Properly coated, container homes reflect about 95% of outside radiation while maintaining ample interior heat. It also prevents strong air currents from penetrating the home because of its barrier-like steel walls. In this sense, a shipping container makes for a comfortable and well-ventilated, insulated home that helps energy bills go down.

Lower Construction Costs

One can reduce construction costs by up to 50% because a shipping container as a home already has the ceiling, walls and floors pre-built. Moreover, it saves from paying expensive labour costs because there is no need to build it; the interiors just need furnishing within a few days.

Adds Personal Style

A home built with sea containers is already a unique factor in style and design. Owners can let their imagination soar to create a lovely design out of these metal boxes. Anyone can design and decorate it the way they want.

Whether the main purpose of building a container home is to help save the environment or costs, the benefits of a container home are just too many.