Woman’s Special Entertainment TV Network Launched By A Black

mosunmolaTouted as the budding Oprah Winfrey of Africa, the Nigerian woman, Mosunmola “Mo” Abudu launched an entertainment television network. The new kid on the block is gleaming all across the continent. The channel specifically works to bring the daily life happenings and topics of woman’s concern into limelight. From beauty subjects like skin bleach to tips on sex, every issue is tackled on this channel.

The Idea

The glamorous lady, Abudu, stated that she wants the world to know that not every lady in Africa carries a baby on her back or a pile of wood on her head. She is a lot more of a substance. She also asserted that the interesting and untouched bits of Africa will be brought into picture through the channel.

The Flagship Program

The channel went on air with the prized flagship program, Sistaz, a unique program about two Nigerian-Greek sisters and a friend of theirs who is a Nigerian but a born Brit. It takes you through reviving the sisterhood passion and a holiday in Lagos city after checking into Hotel Eko. The program brings the vacation spots of Nigeria and Africa that are a glare of publicity.

Programs in-line

From series to movies to bits and gossips, Abudu promises a streaming line of new programs in her dream network channel.