Worsened Sunday Protest

egyptian clashEgyptians are getting prepared for a likely urban chaos that could last for days and weeks. Sunday’s planned mass showdown in the form of massive demonstrations could turn the capital, Cairo into a virtual battlefield with tensions running high on both the opponents and supporters side of the President Morsi. Opponents want his removal at the earliest.

Already households are facing power cuts, rising prices and fuel shortages. Fences, walls and barricades are coming up in the proximity of homes and key buildings. Shop owners are worried how the showdown will turn out. Morsi’s opponents have garnered 15 million signatures which is 2 million more than the total electorate that elected President Morsi. Morsi’s supporters on the other hand have vowed to safeguard the country’s first freely elected President. Both sides maintain their aim at peaceful protests but it could turn violent if they meet. The residents of Heliopolis area of Cairo, where the presidential palace is situated, are organizing vigilante groups to prevent any untoward incident.