Xi Leadership A Year Later

Posted on Nov 21 2013 - 8:20am by Cathy Brunetti

It has been exactly a year since Xi Jinping took the reins of the world’s second largest economy in a highly anticipated shift in leadership that only happens every ten years.

XiXi appeared with promises of cracking down corruption, greater liberties in handling the economy, and strict environmental reform.


Xi’s promised crackdown has led to the publicized conviction of top ranking official Bo Xilai and the jailing of a provincial newspaper reporter who was accused of fabricating stories. However, the administration’s efforts have been marred by controversy and accusations of cronyism.

The lavish lifestyles of government officials exposed by netizens on the micro blogging site Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, have been forced under wraps. Bloggers and journalists critical of the communist party have expressed their exasperation, saying that the new government has simply changed its feathers.

Environmental Reform

At the start of his term, Xi promised to give the same weight to ecological as he would to economic reform. However, the government has so far failed in lessening the pollution gripping Beijing, forcing its citizens to wear protective masks.